Cookie Policy

At EKONOMİ KÖŞESİ ("Data Controller", "Company", or "EKONOMİ KÖŞESİ"), we take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The purpose of this information text is to provide the most transparent information about the methods of collection, purposes of processing, parties with whom your personal data is shared, legal reasons for processing, and your rights regarding personal data obtained wholly or partially automatically via "cookies" following your visit to our website at ("Site"), in accordance with Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. Our Company takes the highest level of security measures possible to ensure the lawful processing, storage, and sharing of your personal data and to protect your privacy.

Additionally, you can contact us using our contact information for questions, requests, or inquiries related to the management of your personal data obtained through cookies.

You can access the most current version of our information text on our website and change your cookie configuration preferences accordingly. The last update date of this information text can be found at the end of the text.

Cookies Used Only third-party cookies are used on the Site.

We do not control third-party cookies. Detailed information about these cookies, which are used by Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, can be found at httpss:// Please visit the respective third party's webpage for more information on these cookies and how to manage them.

Managing Cookies If you prefer not to use third-party cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a website tries to set cookies.

How to Disable Cookies:

For computers:

  • Internet Explorer

    • Go to "Tools", then "Internet Options"
    • Click on the "Privacy" tab
    • Click the "Advanced" button
    • Select your preferred option in the Cookies menu
  • Mozilla Firefox

    • Go to "Tools", then "Options"
    • Click on the "Privacy" icon
    • Change your history settings to either reject all cookies or to customize your cookie settings
  • Google Chrome

    • Click on the Chrome menu button (⋮)
    • Click on "Settings"
    • Click on "Show advanced settings" or "Advanced"
    • In the "Privacy and security" section, click on "Site Settings" or "Content settings"
    • Select your preferred option in the Cookies menu

For Apple Mac:

  • Google Chrome

    • Similar steps as listed for Google Chrome on computers
  • Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS X)

    • Select "Preferences" from the Explorer menu
    • Set File Receiving options
    • Choose Cookies
    • Select your preferred settings
  • Mozilla Firefox

    • Select "Preferences" from the Edit menu
    • First select Privacy and Security, then Cookies
    • Select your preferred settings
  • Safari

    • Select "Preferences" from the Safari menu
    • Choose the Privacy icon
    • View your cookie settings on this screen
    • Select your preferred settings
  • Opera

    • Go to the main menu of Opera and select Preferences, or press Alt+P for direct access
    • Select Privacy settings

For mobile devices:

  • iPad

    • Go to "Settings", then select "Safari"
    • Go to "Privacy & Security"
    • Select your preferred settings
  • iPhone

    • Similar steps as listed for iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy

    • Open the Internet browser menu and select "More"
    • Select "Settings"
    • Go to "Privacy" and then choose to accept or reject cookies

For all other mobile devices:

  • Please refer to your device’s user manual.

Method and Legal Basis for Collecting Personal Data No cookies are used by Oxygen on the Site. For the method and legal basis of collecting personal data with third-party cookies, please visit the relevant third party pages.

Who Are Your Personal Data Shared With? No cookies are used by Oxygen on the Site. Therefore, there are no personal data collected and subject to transfer through cookies.

What Are Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data? You can submit your requests under Article 11 of the Law, which regulates the rights of the related person, to the Data Controller according to the Communiqué on Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller at:

It is important for your application to include your contact details that we can reach, your identity information that can verify your identity, and if available, documents supporting your request, to ensure that your requests are concluded in the most healthy way and in a short time. Our Company reserves the right to verify your identity before responding.

Last updated: 23/04/2024