Privacy Policy

By participating, using, or submitting material such as information, images, videos, pictures, and photographs to our site at EKONOMİ KÖŞESİ, individuals and organizations are deemed to have read and accepted the following terms.


1.1. Members and users are obliged to provide all kinds of information truthfully, such as identity details, telephone information, notification address, correspondence address, email, telephone, IP number, when requested. Members and users accept that they will provide their credit card information via the internet when necessary for payment and acknowledge that the responsibility for the security of the transaction lies with them.

1.2. Members and users acknowledge and undertake that all activities conducted through the website must be performed by legally competent adults (primarily those over the age of 18), and that minors (primarily those under the age of 18) can only act through their legal representatives, otherwise and its administrators will not be responsible.

1.3. Members and users are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the necessary equipment or auxiliary services to access and connect to the site. They are obliged to have all necessary devices and equipment, including modems, computer hardware, software, long or short distance telephone services, without any limitation. Users are responsible for ensuring that such equipment or auxiliary services are compatible with the ‘Services’.


2.1. Any ideas and thoughts expressed by members and users on the site are entirely their own personal views and bind only themselves. Political and philosophical propaganda cannot be published on the site, nor can any activity that could harm society or contravene general morals and laws be conducted.

2.2. Members and users accept in advance that they will be personally liable if they engage in any actions, writings, videos, photographs, slogans, images, cartoons, lines, words, songs, melodies, comments, etc., considered a crime and requiring compensation by the T.C. Constitution, TPC, and related special laws, against public safety, national unity, general morals, public interest, and fundamental rights and freedoms. Otherwise, they are obliged to meet all kinds of demands and pay any fines faced by the administration of

2.3. Members and users cannot directly or indirectly engage in advertising and promotion, commercial mobile and interactive applications within the scope of

2.4. Members and users agree not to access or use unauthorized areas that contain other members and users’ (individuals or organizations) private, confidential programs, files, information, or similar content. They are responsible for any legal and criminal liabilities that may arise otherwise.

2.5. Members and users acknowledge and undertake that the administration can remove any material such as actions, writings, videos, photos, slogans, images, cartoons, lines, words, songs, melodies, comments, etc., uploaded or disclosed by members and users, and can block access if necessary. Members and users acknowledge that the administration has the right to unilaterally suspend or cancel the provided service and material temporarily or permanently at any time without showing any reason.

2.6. Members and users must not engage in activities that prevent or complicate others' use of the website, nor can they overload or lock servers or databases with automatic programs. They will be responsible for any legal and criminal liabilities that may arise otherwise.

2.7. Members and users agree that any material promoting insult and harassment, pornography, banned gambling, betting, etc., the sale or use of prescription drugs and substances falling within the scope of narcotic drugs that cause addiction, as well as any material involving violence against people or animals, including weapons and explosives, will be deleted without warning if they cannot prove ownership or authorization of such material.

2.8. Members and users can always access and update their personal information, including their email address and password. They also have the right to delete any intellectual and industrial property they publish, such as actions, writings, videos, photos, slogans, images, cartoons, songs, melodies, visuals, lines, words, comments, etc. Deleted data and material will not be used by and will not be transferred to third parties in the future. However, to benefit from this protection, the item the member or user wishes to delete must be deleted before it is transferred or made public to third parties. Otherwise, and its administrators cannot be held responsible for control, retrieval, deletion, or supervision.


3.1. Members and users accept and declare that they are personally responsible for all the thoughts, actions, writings, videos, photos, slogans, images, cartoons, lines, words, songs, melodies, comments, and other intellectual works they express and upload in the internet environment, and that they have the authority to use, distribute, make public, and trade them. They are personally responsible for any pursuit and demands directed at the site and its authorities in case otherwise.

3.2. Members and users are individually responsible for the nature and content of the disclosed material such as actions, writings, videos, photos, slogans, images, cartoons, lines, words, comments, etc., towards official institutions, organizations, third parties, and also against the administration of

3.3. Members and users confirm and guarantee that they are legally authorized to use the services and to access the site, that they take all responsibility in the selection and use of the services, and in accessing the site, and that there are no impediments. They acknowledge and undertake that their access may still be blocked by the management of even if they fulfill these commitments.


4.1. Members and users accept, declare, and undertake that they have transferred all rights worldwide to record, reproduce, distribute, market, represent, transmit via cable, satellite, terrestrial, digital, analog, encrypted, and other forms and through other methods to be developed in the future, the broadcasting rights on television and radio, and the rights to reproduce, distribute, market, and represent in internet, mobile, and similar computer environments, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), GSM environments (such as mobile phone ringtones), video clips, etc., related to all intellectual and industrial works they commit to being their own and for which they are responsible if otherwise, including but not limited to all methods and forms to be produced in the future, according to articles 21 (processing), 22 (reproduction), 23 (distribution), 24 (written representation), and 25 (all kinds of signs, sounds, and/or image transmission) of the Copyright and Related Rights Law.

4.2. Members and users acknowledge and undertake that the materials and data they watch, obtain, and download from the site cannot be used outside individual purposes, cannot be commercialized, cannot be transferred to third parties, and cannot be used or allowed for use, in summary, cannot be used or allowed for use except under the conditions and permissions determined on the site.


5.1. The services record the IP addresses of users connecting to the system in the website logs based on the connection date, time, and the requested address and/or pages from the system. These records are key for system security and solving potential user problems and are not related to users' personal information.

5.2. The communication details of the user ensure that the user can be reached when necessary. Membership approval and changes related to membership information are facilitated through emails sent by Within the limits set by its terms of use, sends messages to members via email when necessary.

5.3. As a rule, all correspondence between the site and members and users, personal information, etc., are confidential and are not disclosed. This situation can only be violated in cases where there is a legal necessity, and such violation will not constitute a legal responsibility, nor will it be illegal. Even in this case, efforts will be made to keep any damage to the rights owner as limited as possible.


6.1. The systems take care to implement necessary security measures. All user accounts are protected with a password. In case members and users forget their passwords, new passwords will be sent to their registered email addresses. For security reasons, passwords are not communicated to any other address except the registered email address.

6.2. The places great importance on the security of both the site and its members and users. Therefore, regular security tests are conducted on the system, and efforts are made to prevent any security vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, unauthorized access to memberships occasionally occurs. The following security measures should be adhered to prevent encountering any security issues.

6.3. Members and users must not engage in hacking attacks, uploading viruses, or activities that compromise security on the website.

6.4 Security Measures

Members and users should frequently scan their computers for viruses, update their antivirus programs periodically, and should not open files received from unknown persons via MSN or email. Passwords should be created from a combination of letters and numbers and be difficult to guess. Predictable passwords such as birth dates, names and birth dates, sequential letters or numbers, or favorite team names should not be used as they can be easily compromised.

Email addresses and passwords should not be entered on non-corporate personal sites, blogs, or unknown domains other than email providers (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.). If a public computer is used (at work or an internet cafe), one should not log out of by clicking on the "Esc: Exit" link in the upper right corner of the page instead of closing the browser. This method prevents anyone using the same computer from accessing the members and users' pages of later.

New notifications may always be made by regarding this matter.


7.1. The courts and enforcement offices of Istanbul are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the application of the provisions and legal relationships written above.

7.2. The management of can develop and update the conditions mentioned above at any time.

7.3. The address reported by members and users to is considered the legal address for all notifications to be made to members and users.

Members and users acknowledge that they have read all the above provisions and are aware of their content, knowingly accepting them.