Avant Garde & RENCO Shape The Future Of Construction Technology

Avant Garde & RENCO Shape The Future Of Construction Technology

Renco Prototype 96 Unit construction site in Palm Beach, Florida circa 2022

Miami Beach, Florida - August , 2023 – For over a century, the building industry has remained unchanged, often favoring tradition over innovation. Avant Garde Partners, the forward-thinking consortium of experts ranging from analysts to builders, is elated to announce its groundbreaking partnership with RENCO USA—a company holding the game-changing patent in the realm of building technology.

"Many have tried to innovate via the likes of 3D printing, Modular etc... but the true revolution is about rewriting the rulebook. RENCO has done just that, and we're here to ensure the world takes notice by contributing in this partnership," says Neel Chary, Managing Member of Align ventures. 

The building industry has remained a constant over the past 100 years. Innovation was lacking and structures have been codified, designed and constructed using only wood, concrete or steel....,it was time for Real Innovation, says Tom Murphy of Coastal Construction.

The heart of this revolutionary breakthrough is RENCO's composite building system. This alternative to wood, concrete, and steel isn't just an innovation; it's a major change in the industry. Its interlocking design, drawn from untapped technological advances, offers unparalleled strength, sustainability, fire resistance, and most importantly, cost and time efficiency. It’s approved in all 50 states after almost a decade of research and testing.

Avant Garde identified Renco as exactly that. We believe this system's simplicity and ease of use makes it the revolutionary product we’ve been seeking . We’re also happy to welcome our contributing partners, Align ventures , hudson capital and Dezer Development. “We feel this will prove to be the future disruption of construction as Tesla was to the automotive industry”, says Eddy Chabli, of Avant Garde Partners.

Avant Garde Partners Visit to the equipment factory of Patented Renco Systems August 2023.

**About AvantGarde Partners**

Avant Garde is a strategic team of well-diversified analysts, architects, economists, builders, and lawyers that will analyze patents, products, and systems to target companies with the needed disruptive technology that contributes to a more friendly environment. A forward-looking movement animated by innovative designers, scientists and professionals who dare to go against the mainstream, proposing and analyzing ideas that stand out from the conventional.

*Disruption Defined*

The new technology tends to get ignored in favor of what’s currently popular with the best customers. But then another company steps in to bring the innovation to a new market. Once the disruptive technology becomes established there, smaller-scale innovation rapidly raises the technology’s performance on attributes that mainstream customers value. Our focus is on disruptive industrial technologies.

We're proud and excited to share this journey with our contributing partners: Dezer Development, Align Ventures, and Hudson Capital. Together, we're not just laying bricks and mortar; we're laying the foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future.