Engin Yesil Became Donald Trump's Partner in Turkey

Engin Yesil Became Donald Trump's Partner in Turkey

US real estate giant Donald Trump, one of the richest people in the world, has reached an agreement with Yesil Holding, with which he has been in talks for some time. Pursuant to the agreement signed, Yesil Construction REIT will be the sole user of the name "Donald Trump" throughout Turkey. The first project planned to be realised is to build a similar building to the world-famous Trump Tower in Istanbul.

US real estate giant Donald Trump, who is known to have been conducting negotiations with Yesil Holding for some time, finally signed the agreement. Having reached an agreement with Trump, Yesil Inşaat will be the exclusive and sole user of the "Donald Trump" name right in all its projects throughout Turkey. The planned projects include Trump Plaza, Trump Tower, Trump Golf Resort and Villas, and the parties are preparing to put some of these projects into operation as soon as possible. The project that the parties will prioritise will be Trump Tower. FIRST PROJECT IN 2007: Engin Yesil, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yesil Holding, who brought this business to the final point by meeting with Donald Trump and his children, announced that both parties are planning to realise more than one project in a short time. Emphasising that they will further strengthen their position in the sector with this partnership, Engin Yesil said, "Yesil İnsaat will be on the agenda with many contemporary projects until the end of 2007 with its 'people first' philosophy.” Engin Yesil said that together with Trump they will create "the life styles of the future". Providing information on the subject, company officials stated that Donald Trump preferred Yesil Holding due to its financial strength, steady growth and innovative structure, and that the first project to be realised jointly is aimed to be different and above world standards. In the meantime, it was also stated that it is aimed to increase the areas of co-operation in the process. HIGH TECHNOLOGY: Engin Yesil said that the examples of the projects they will realise in cooperation with Donald Trump can only be seen abroad and said: "Our common mission with Donald Trump is to produce projects that are supported by high technology that will be applied for the first time in Turkey, where nature and technology are friendly, that make life easier with different architectural solutions, and as a result, to offer excellent lives to everyone who expects a better tomorrow. While creating living spaces in co-operation with Donald Trump, our main goal will be to increase the quality of future lifestyles with Yesil İnsaat's innovative structure, trust, quality and customer-oriented approach."

TRUMP TOWER IN ISTANBUL: There are many famous buildings bearing the name of Donald Trump, who is one of the richest people in the world and known for his media personality. Trump Plaza, Trump Tower, Trump Golf Resort and Villas, which are planned to be realised in Turkey in cooperation with Yesil Holding, are among the most famous ones. One of these projects is planned to be built in place of the Deva Holding building in Levent, which Yesil Construction has agreed to purchase for 70 million dollars. According to the information given by the company officials, Trump Tower will be prioritised among the projects to be realised. This will be followed by Trump Plaza, Trump Golf Resort and Villas. The size of the projects to be realised by Trump and Yesil Insaat, which is known to have signed billion-dollar buildings, is estimated to be 2 billion dollars.

Projects Are Entrusted to Eddy Chabli The projects to be implemented by TRUMP and Yesil Holding will again be performed by an American. Eddy Chabli, who joined the board of directors of Yesil Inşaat, is one of the names referred to as the golden boy of architecture. Born in 1966, Chabli completed his studies at the University of Miami. Eddy Chabli, who is the President and partner of Clifford Capital, which carries out contracting works in Russia, is also responsible for areas such as design, construction, development and sales in the Chabli Investment Group, of which he is also the chairman. Known for projects such as Melrose Place in Grove, Grove Highview Villas, Marbella Villas, Coco Ibiza Villas, Chabli is also the president of Ocean First Realty, which is known for the luxury real estate it markets. He Keeps His Name Alive in His Buildings Donald Trump, who ranks 228th on the Forbes’  list of richest people with a personal fortune of $ 2.7 billion today, started his father's real estate business in the 1970s. Rising in the 1980s and returning from the brink of bankruptcy in the early 90s, Trump's signature buildings are among the most prestigious buildings in the world today. Fifth Avenue Skyscraper, Trump Tower, Trump Tower, Trump Parc, Trump Palace, Trump Plaza are the most prominent ones that come to mind. Trump is remembered as much for his media personality as for the buildings bearing his signature. Trump, who made a name for himself from the $15 million alimony he paid for his divorce from his wife Ivana Trump in 1992 to his hairstyle, reinforced his fame with the television programme The Apprentice. Trump, whose children chose the father's profession like him, finally came to the agenda with the $5 billion compensation lawsuit he filed against Timothy O'Brien, who wrote "He is not a billionaire, he only has $250 million", and the publisher of the book.

Who is Engin Yesil? Engin Yesil, who brought Yesil Holding and Donald Trump together, is the son of Mustafa Yesil, known for Yesil Kundura. Engin Yesil still lives in the United States, where he went to study at the University of Florida in 1980. Having dropped out of school to start a business, Yesil's investments in the US are in the telecommunications sector. Engin Yesil, who attracted attention in the USA with the acquisition of WorldQuest Networks and its listing on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, is better known in Turkey for his marriage in 2003. His marriage with Ayesha Thapar, daughter of Vikram Thapar, one of the famous industrialists of India, which lasted 4 days and 4 nights in New Delhi, was widely covered in the Turkish press. In Yesil Insaat, where Engin Yesil is a member of the board of directors, Burak Duruman mainly carries out the business activities. Source: Hürriyet