Turkey's Largest Seabed Dredging Fleet!

Turkey's Largest Seabed Dredging Fleet!

ES Group Shipping, which has carried out important projects in the field of marine construction and engineering until today, has the largest dredging fleet in Turkey with its fleet of 15 vessels, marine equipment and dredging capacity of 2,000 m3 per hour.


In addition to dredging and levelling as the main activity in marine construction, ES Group Shipping, which constructs breakwaters, harbours, breakwaters, marinas, jetties, piers, docks, advertisement, has activities such as underwater rock breaking, D-GPS measurement, deep sea discharge, improvement, and development. 

 It continues to expand its fleet with new vessels ordered from abroad. 

4 different sectors, over 1000 employees, more than 20 years of experience...

ES Group, with more than 1000 employees, continues its activities in a total of 4 sectors: construction, mining, energy and production without slowing down.  ES Group, which has built successful projects both at home and abroad with more than 20 years of experience, promises a sustainable future as a source of trust with its professional staff, innovative future vision, quality and environmentalist business approach, timely delivery principle. Thanks to its solution-oriented projects and strong financing, it supports social development as well as economic development in all countries where it operates, especially in Turkey. ES Group continues to be one of the leading construction companies in Turkey by building pioneering projects in its field. 

The Group implements many projects such as industrial plants, pipelines, conveyor lines, production facilities for the petrochemical, iron and steel and food sectors. 

It also continues its activities in real estate investment and development abroad and acts in accordance with its global growth vision in this context.