The Line: Saudi Arabia's Visionary Urban Project in Neom

The Line: Saudi Arabia's Visionary Urban Project in Neom

The Line: Saudi Arabia's Visionary Urban Project in Neom

NEOM is an ambitious initiative aiming to establish a sustainable and eco-friendly city in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The project encompasses four distinct regions: Sindalah, Oxagon, Trojena, and The Line. Each serves a unique purpose: Sindalah as a luxury island, Oxagon as an industrial hub, and Trojena for mountain sports.

🚀 The Line Project Announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

At the beginning of 2021, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman introduced a groundbreaking linear city project named The Line. This smart city, envisioned to be vertical and fully powered by renewable energy, is a futuristic vision for urban living. Recently, images showcasing the completed look of The Line have been unveiled, boosting global interest.

🌍 Vision Behind The Line Project

The Line aims to host over 6 million inhabitants within the NEOM framework. Unlike traditional cities that evolve organically, The Line represents a modern city planning approach with a definitive starting point, targeting completion by 2030 in the Tabuk region. Spanning 170 km in length, this city will consist of skyscrapers reaching 500 meters in height and 200 meters in width. Its design emphasizes minimal carbon emissions, utilizing renewable energy sources exclusively.

📊 Features of The Line

The central concept of The Line's linear design places it at the forefront of international urban projects. Comparable in population to Johannesburg, it covers only 2% of the area yet aims to be a model of sustainability with a minimal urban carbon footprint.

📍 Transportation and Design

The city's internal transportation system is crucial to its sustainability goal. Here are key points underlined by the project's directors:

  1. Eco-Friendly Mobility: The Line will feature high-speed trains instead of automobiles, eliminating the need for expansive parking lots and reducing infrastructure burdens. Residents will benefit from a design where essential services are within a 5-minute walk, promoting a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Urban Innovations: The absence of roads and emissions, combined with a 20-minute travel end-to-end time via high-speed trains, positions The Line as a futuristic urban community. This pedestrian-centric design emphasizes human health and well-being over traditional urban infrastructure dependencies.

🚀 Other Notable NEOM Projects

Neom includes other ambitious projects, complementing The Line. Oxagon, a floating industrial zone, will be established on the Red Sea, spanning 40 square kilometers. Designed to be the world's largest industrial site, Oxagon aims to become the Middle East's leading technology center, hosting tech giants and green energy facilities.

Trojena, another key project, will be Saudi Arabia's first ski resort, set in the lofty 2,400-meter Sarawat Mountains. This innovative resort, along with other components of NEOM, is planned for completion by 2030, heralding a new era for sustainable and technologically advanced urban environments.

🌱 These pioneering projects reflect the future-focused vision of Saudi Arabia, merging advanced technology with sustainable living.

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🌍 What Is NEOM and Its Significance?

NEOM is a visionary project in northwestern Saudi Arabia that aims to establish a sustainable and environment-friendly mega-city. Encompassing four distinct regions—Sindalah, Oxagon, Trojena, and The Line—the project represents a bold push towards futuristic urban living. Each region has a specialized role, from luxury tourism to industrial innovation and mountain sports. NEOM is set to be powered entirely by renewable energy, reflecting Saudi Arabia's commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, with completion targeted for 2030.

🚀 Why Is The Line a Revolutionary Urban Concept?

The Line is a revolutionary linear city designed to stretch 170 km with skyscrapers and a pedestrian-centric layout. Unlike traditional cities, it has a clear starting point and aims to accommodate over 6 million residents by 2030. With zero carbon emissions and fully powered by renewable energy, The Line eliminates roads and automobiles, instead using high-speed trains for transportation. By prioritizing human health and sustainability, it serves as a pioneering example of future urban communities.

📊 What Are the Key Features of Oxagon?

Oxagon is another remarkable component of the NEOM project, envisioned as a floating industrial zone on the Red Sea. Covering 40 square kilometers, it aims to be the largest industrial site in the world, centralizing technology and green energy production. It will serve as a leading container terminal and the technology hub of the Middle East, hosting major tech companies. Oxagon's innovative design and strategic location highlight NEOM's broader goal of marrying industry with sustainability.